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Inbound Marketing consists of various tools and techniques that pull your target market to your brand or company as opposed to traditional outbound techniques that push your brand or company on your target. Inbound marketing techniques typically have an exchange of values. What do you want from your target market through your marketing campaigns? Information? Personal details? To gain these valuable items from your target you must give them something of value to them as well.

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Eric Schoep, RRP

Inbound Marketing Professional

Eric Schoep is a life-long San Diegan, born and raised in Poway, CA. Eric has 11 years of sales and marketing experience and 8 years of credit and collections experience. Eric possesses a strong background in web development and has earned certificates in Inbound Marketing, Graphic Design, and TV and Video Production.

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...and Why Should You Care?

Inbound Marketing is very necessary for small, medium, and large businesses alike. Today's technology and tomorrow's advancements not only allow us as marketers to change, but it requires us to. Technology gives consumer power. The days of watching commercials, listening to radio spots, and dealing with popups are now over. Consumers have been empowered to record what they want to watch and fast-forward through what they do not, to download their own custom playlists or listen to streaming internet radio for free, and to install computer software that blocks popups and other ads.

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American Resort Development Association


The Registered Resort Professional, or RRP, is the premier designation for the vacation ownership industry. To be recognized, vacation ownership professionals must demonstrate their knowledge and commitment to the timeshare industry by passing ARDA’s International Foundation (AIF) Qualification Test (with Honors, 2007), achieve Associate Resort Professional or ARP (2009), and meet minimum industry experience and participation requirements.

Inbound Marketing University


The Inbound Marketing Certification acknowledges the recipient’s proficiency in Inbound Marketing principles and best practices. The principles include: blogging, social media, lead conversion, lead nurturing, and closed-loop analysis.

American Resort Development Association


ARDA’s Certified Timeshare Supplier seminar offers concise education tailored to meet the needs of suppliers of both goods and services to the timeshare industry. The course addresses the basics of the industry and timeshare-specific terms, as well as the characteristics of timeshare buyers, trends and legal issues. An in-depth look at the timeshare project lifecycle, reserve funding and refurbishment schedules are included.

Conrad Companies

2003 and 2006

Annual corporate recognition awarded to the single employee recognized for achievements, performance, and overall work ethic.

Conrad Credit Corporation

2003 and 2005

Annual company recognition awarded to the single highest-performing Collector throughout the year who generates the most net income through collections of outstanding consumer and commercial debts.

San Diego Regional Occupation Program

1999 – 2000

This course provides introductory and intermediate training in digital media production focusing on the following: operation of video cameras, digital video editing equipment, digital audio editing equipment, lighting equipment, multi-track digital recorders, video recorders, and compact disc recorders. Instruction includes basic development of storyboarding, script writing, and production concepts. Students use equipment, which includes Avid Express 2.0 video editing software, Degidesign Pro-tools audio editing software, Sony digital video cameras.

San Diego Regional Occupation Program


Students learn basic computer operating, terminology, peripheral use, and file management/integration. The creative and technical process of project management is taught with an emphasis placed on concept to completion planning. Instruction covers typography, design elements and color management. Students learn software packages covering page layout, illustration, photo manipulation and scanning, and specialized software for web design and animation (Photoshop, Illustrator, Poser, and Bryce).